CommonLang is a textual domain-specific modelling language (DSML) for robot task definition. Its implementation is based on Xtext and Eclipse and it uses MDSE-techniques to abstract away from underlying technologies to create executable code for various different robot platforms using model transformations. CommonLang enables users to easily write scripts through abstracted metamethods, i.e., function abstractions providing a higher-level language to make the language easier to master.

A summary of this framework could be found in the paper CommonLang: A DSML for Robot Task Definition published at MORSE 2018: The 5th International Workshop on Model-driven Robot Software Engineering (BibTeX)

The documentation of the language can be found in the appendix of these reports.

CommonLang-2018-WiFi (sources at Github repository 1) and CommonLang-2017 (sources at Github repository 2)

See also Master Thesis: Robot Programming and Modelling and our Drone experiment.

See also the WiRom project.

Below is a demo of the CommonLang prototype tool and a sample scenario with robots made in CommonLang.

Demo of prototype:

Red Light scenario