Date and time: 24.09.2019 14:15-15:00

Place: C114

Slides can be found here (TBA)

Speaker: Bernd Neumayr

Title: Reflections on Multi-Level Modeling
Multi-level Modeling aims to overcome the limitations of two-level modeling (with its strong separation between classes at the schema level and objects at the instance level) by supporting an unrestricted number of meta-levels together with deep characterization. In this talk, I will reflect on three multi-level modeling approaches in which I have been involved, namely M-Objects/M-Relationships, Dual Deep Modeling, and DeepTelos. M-Objects/M-Relationships fold composition, instantiation, and specialization hierarchies into a single multi-level concretization hierarchy. Dual Deep Modeling extends multi-level modeling with dual potencies. Finally, DeepTelos extends the metamodeling language Telos (and its implementation ConceptBase) with a form of powertypes supporting deep characterization.