Mancario is a SME in Willich, Germany (near Düsseldorf and Cologne). As an IT service provider in health care, Mancario is developing an eHealth-solution to improve care of rheumatism patients. Within this project, Mancario offers in collaboration with HIB the following opportunities within the scope of an ERASMUS traineeship with stipend (~ 3 months):

  • software development — mobile platforms
    (iOS, Android, cross-platform)
  • software development — backend
  • localisation (DE/EN/NO)
  • analysis of legal requirements in ICT & eHealth in Norway

Bachelor students should contact us during the autumn semester to start on the paperwork for a possible placement in spring 2017!


  • interest in ICT and/or eHealth
  • available as Bachelor- or Master-thesis
  • working language: English or German

ERASMUS trainingship information on the EU website:


Assoc. Prof. Volker Stolz

Inst. for Data og Realfag


Prof. Yngve Lamo

Inst. for Data og Realfag


Dr. Alexander Langer


Mancario // DE