If you reached this page, chances are you are either a PhD student at HVL, or are thinking of becoming one. Either way, very welcome!

HVL PhD Research Student Society (HVLRSS) is an autonomous organization, started in 2017, with the aim of making HVL’s PhD research students happier and more successful.

There are three main objectives of our HVLRSS.
1) provide a platform for collaboration between PhD research students as well as with respective department and HVL
2) stimulate social interaction between PhD research students.
3) offer an opportunity for PhD research students to obtain their benefits in research life.


How to contact PhD students

Mailing list:

Student Card (Mecenat)

As a PhD student you may be entitled to student discounts. In order to do this, you need to be able to prove that you are a student. The Mecenat student card is one such valid proof of studentship that we may obtain. Mecenat was born in Scandinavia. It is a student discount service for verified students. Mecenat Norge is the place where we may apply for a digital student card (need to download the Mecenat app) and it is totally free.


Høgskulen på Vestlandet

General information



PhD meetings – Currently on every Friday


12.10.2016 Kickoff Meeting. Room E507

19.10.2016 Organizational Meeting. Room E507

27.10.2016 Regular Meeting. Room E510

03.11.2016 Regular Meeting and PhD program committee candidate proposal. Room E507

09.11.2016 Regular Meeting and PhD program committee candidate discussion. Room E507

17.11.2016 Regular Meeting and PhD program committee candidates decision. Room E507

24.11.2016 Regular Meeting. Room E510