Date and time: 23.06.2017 12:30-13:30

Speaker: Liam Peyton, University of Ottawa, Canada.

Title: Care Process Management in a Big Data World

Place: E507

Slides can be found here

Abstract: This talk focuses on research in healthcare information systems, but will probably go sideways in a few places and talk about how I do research in Canada: collaborating with industry and health care organizations, and placing my students in internships with industry and healthcare as part of their thesis work. Here is a link to my website: which includes the following statement of my research interests:

I am a principle investigator for the Intelligent Data Warehouse Lab.  My area of interest is model-driven data integration and mobile app development to support business processes and performance management for healthcare. This includes service oriented architecture, cloud computing, complex event processing, decision support, quality assurance and privacy especially as applied to health care information systems.  I also teach and do basic research in software engineering, and electronic business.

Links to the two papers and two PhD theses mentioned in the talk are:

  1. Model-based Management of Strategic Initiatives
  2. A Development Framework for Mobile Healthcare Monitoring Apps
  3. Aladdin Baarah PhD Thesis
  4. Alain Mouttham PhD Thesis