Date and time: 30.10.2019 14:15-15:00

Speaker: Hans-Martin Baum

Title: From Simulation to Powerful Emulation, a closer view on Power Hardware-in-the-Loop

Place: C115

Slides can be found here (TBA)

Abstract: Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation is a technique that is used in the development and test of complex real-time embedded systems. HIL simulation provides an effective platform by adding the complexity of the device under test (DuT) to the test platform. The complexity of the DuT is included in test and development by adding a mathematical model of all related dynamic systems. To turn such a simulation into an emulation where all electrical parameters in voltage and current fit to real values power amplifiers will be used in the loop and turn a HIL into a Power HIL so-called P-HIL system. The presentation will give an overview of the R&D workflow using HIL and PHIL, the bandwidth requirements for power amplifiers based on key design factors like simulation model cycle time, simulation model bandwidth and open-loop delay time.  A powerful multifunctional amplification system for a power range of 100 kVA up to 1200kVA will be presented as well.

Bio: Dipl.-Ing (Telecommunication Engineering) Hans-Martin Baum is Key Account Manager at EGSTON Power Electronic GmbH. He is responsible for consulting and custom design and specification of P-HIL Power Amplifiers. Most of these systems are currently used in grid research (grid stability, super harmonics, grid code generation, load emulation) as well as for certification, drive and battery emulation, and others. He has worked 25 years in variable speed drive business as well as 10 years in Li-Ion battery business) in industrial, renewable energies and electric mobility applications.