Time: Tuesday 05.09.2017, 14.15–15.00

Room: C121

Speaker:  Juan Boubita-Puig

Title: Real-time Data Analytics Using Complex Event Processing and MEdit4CEP


Organizations all around the world need to manage huge amounts of data from heterogeneous sources every day in order to conduct decision making processes. This requires them to infer what the value of such data is for the business in question through data analysis as well as acting promptly for critical or relevant situations. Complex Event Processing (CEP) is a cutting-edge technology that helps tackle this issue by detecting event patterns in real time. However, this technology forces domain experts to define these patterns specifying such situations and the appropriate actions to be executed in their information systems, generally based on Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs). In particular, these users face the incommodity of implementing these patterns manually or by using editors which are not user-friendly enough. To deal with this problem, a model-driven solution for real-time decision making in event-driven SOAs (MEdit4CEP) will be explained in this talk. This approach allows the integration of CEP with this architecture type as well as defining CEP domain and event pattern through a graphical and intuitive editor, which also permits automatic code generation. Moreover, how this proposal has been integrated with other formalisms, such as Petri Nets and Fuzzy Logic, will be presented in this talk.