Time: Tuesday 15.08.2017, 14.15–15.00

Room: C121

Speaker: Fernando Macías (joint work with Juan de Lara and Esther Guerra)

Title: Towards rearchitecting meta-models into multi-level models (accepted at ER 2017 @Valencia)


Meta-models play a pivotal role in Model-Driven Engineering, since
they are used to define the structure of instance models one level below. However,
in some scenarios organizing the meta-models and their instances in multi-level
models spanning more than two levels yields simpler solutions. This fact has
triggered the proposal of different multi-level modelling tools and approaches,
although each one of them supports small variations of the multi-level concepts.
In order to benefit from multi-level technology, existing meta-models and their
instances could be migrated manually, but this is error prone, costly, and requi-
res expertise for choosing the most appropriate tool and approach. Hence, we
propose an automated migration approach. This way, starting from a meta-model
annotated with multi-level “smells”, our approach creates a neutral multi-level re-
presentation, and recommends the most appropriate tool according to the required
multi-level features. We present an initial prototype, and a preliminary evaluation
on the basis of meta-models developed by third parties