Time: Tuesday 17.11, 14.15–15.00

Room: C114, Kronstad

Speaker: Håvard Helstrup, HiB

Title: ALICE charm at Quark Matter 2015


Relativistic heavy ion collisions create unprecedented matter densities and temperatures in earth-bound experiments. The aim of such collisions is to study the Quark Gluon Plasma, a phase of matter through which the Universe passed in the immediate aftermaths of Big Bang.

A Quark Gluon Plasma produced in heavy ion collisions is very short-lived (a few fm/c, equivalent to some 10-23 s). Only decay products are available for study in the laboratory. Particles containing charm quarks carry important information about the initial dense matter. The seminar will discuss why charm particles are an important probe, and present some recent results announced at the Quark Matter 2015 conference in October.