Date: Tuesday, 24.05, 14:15–15:00

Place: C114

Speaker: Alexander Lundervold, HiB

Title: E-learning and e-assessment in our mathematics courses for electrical engineers (and others): experiences, plans, possibilities


During the academic year 2015/2016 we have used e-assessment and e-learning in various courses at HiB (MAT100 for electrical engineers, Realfagskurset, MAT103, MAT106, BYG102). Students have been given problems and exercises–obligatory and voluntary–in the computer aided assessment system WeBWorK,, which are automatically corrected (with feedback). This was in addition to more standard written assignments aimed at testing the students’ mathematical reasoning ability.




This spring we have also piloted a support course for MAT106 called MAT106x,, consisting of videos, text and exercises. We have developed a platform based on Open edX to deliver  structured courses, in which the students can be tracked and automatically assessed. During the autumn of 2016 we will create complete support courses for MAT100 and “Matte 2”.

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We believe that intelligent use of these tools has great potential to improve our courses. Students get more individualized instruction and we can free up time in lectures. This time can be spent on more important things than going through detailed examples and calculations. We hope to use such “support courses” as part of a restructuring of the mathematics education of our engineering students.

It is very natural to consider using these tools in other courses, not just mathematics. From small support courses to large-scale MOOCs.

In this talk I will present the current status of our project, our short-term plans, and discuss future possibilities.