Date: Tuesday, 28.04, 14:15–15:00

Place: C114, Kronstad

Speaker: Alessandro Rossini, SINTEF

Title: Model-Driven Engineering Meets Cloud Computing

Slides: Broker@Cloud PDF, PPT; Paasage PDF, PPT



Model-driven engineering (MDE) aims at improving the productivity, quality, and cost-effectiveness of software development by shifting the paradigm from code to model-centric, whereby models and modelling languages are the main artifacts of the development process. Cloud computing provides a ubiquitous networked access to a shared and virtualised pool of computing capabilities (e.g., network, storage, processing, and memory) that can be provisioned with minimal management effort. MDE has been applied in the field of cloud computing, where models and modelling languages enable developers and reasoning engines to work at a high level of abstraction and focus on cloud concerns rather than implementation details.

In his talk, Alessandro Rossini will present how the Broker@Cloud and PaaSage EU-funded projects adopted model-driven engineering to achieve the (semi-)automatic provisioning, deployment, and adaptation of cloud-based applications with guaranteed quality of service.


Biographical Note:

Alessandro Rossini is a research scientist at SINTEF in Oslo and a former lecturer at the Bergen University College. He holds a Ph.D. degree in informatics from the University of Bergen and a M.Sc. degree in computer science from the University of L’Aquila, Italy. During recent years, he has conducted extensive research in the field of software engineering, with particular emphasis on model-driven engineering. His research interests include metamodelling, multi-level modelling, model transformation, model versioning, domain-specific languages, software development processes, software evolution, software quality, empirical methods, cloud computing, Internet standards, and social networks. He has been working on multiple EU-funded projects and has served as an organising and program committee member of international conferences and workshops.