Time: Tuesday 12.01, 2016, 14.15–15.00

Room: C115

Speaker: Lars R. Hole, Meteorologisk institutt

Title: The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET)



The main goal of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET) is to safeguard the protection of life and property in Norway. A 24/7 service is operated in 3+1 regional offices in order to provide the best possible information about weather and climate to the public and authorities. Modern weather forecasting depends on computational demanding numerical models in concert with different types of observations. The main focus of the regional office in Bergen is marine forecasting, and a group of eight scientists is working on a range of research projects related to improving the service. The main expertise in the group is ocean wave and ocean trajectory modeling. In recent years, observations have been supplemented by new platforms such as aerial and aquatic drones. Examples of models and observation platforms in use are presented together with possible areas of collaboration between HiB and MET.

Lars R. Hole (lrh@met.no) is a senior scientist in Meteorology with a PhD from the University Center in Svalbard from 1998. He has in recent years worked on projects from Antarctica to Cuba, Vietnam, Myanmar, Florida and Svalbard. He is particularly interested in exploring the possibilities on autonomous vehicles (drones).