Once you get your permanent number, you will be automatically assigned a GPA, you should get a letter with your assigned doctor. If you want to change you can apply for a new doctor online in the Norwegian Health Portal.

From this portal you will also be able to make an appointment with you GPA, either by phone or online. Norwegian healthcare is public but has a co-payment, each visit to the GPA is around 200kr. The maximum payment per year is around 2000kr which is benefitial in case of having a chronic disease.


What happens if I only have the D-number?


If you get sick but you still don’t have a GPA assigned your best option is either to try at a private clinic (which will be expensive), or go to an emergency room, like the Bergen legevakt. This will be cheaper, but unless you have a real emergency you will have to wait a LONG time (more than 5 hours probably) to be attended.


The European Health Insurance Card


This card will keep you covered by the Norwegian National Insurance when travelling around many countries in Europe, you can order it here. This card is only available for European citizens.