The research within the ICT engineering programme is closely linked to educational programmes offered by the Department of Computing, Mathematics and Physics and in communication systems offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Bachelor programmes

The involved departments offers bachelor programmes in software engineering, information technology, communication technology, eletrical engineering, and automation.

Master’s programmes

A master programme in software engineering is offered by the Department of Computing Mathematics, and Physics. Students attending the program will gain competence in creating high quality reliable software products in a systematic, controlled and efficient manner, with important emphasis on analysis, specification, design, and evolution.

Available projects in software engineering

The department of electrical engineering is offering a master’s programme in communication systems in collaboration with the University of Oslo.

PhD education

NOKUT has approved our application for a PhD programme in Computer Science: Software Engineering, Engineering Computing and Sensor Networks. The PhD programme is expected to start in 2017. The PhD programme will enable HiB to collaborate with external partners in relation to public sector and industry PhDs.