The SIU-funded summer school on “Methods and Tool Support for Refinement, Model Transformation and Verification of Network Systems” will take place in October on the campus of Southwest University, Chongqing, China.



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  • Dan LI (Researcher,  Høgskulen på Vestlandet & Guizhou Academy of Sciences)
  • Ka I Pun (Researcher, University of Oslo & University of Bergen, Norway)
  • Adrian Rutle (Associate Professor, Høgskulen på Vestlandet)
  • Volker Stolz  (Associate Professor, Høgskulen på Vestlandet)
  • Rui WANG (PhD candidate, Høgskulen på Vestlandet)
  • Zhiming LIU (Professor, Southwest U.)
  • Zongyan QIU (Professor, Southwest U.)
  • Hong LAI (Associate Professor, Southwest U.)
  • Bo LIU (Lecturer, Southwest U.)
  • Hengjun ZHAO (Lecturer, Southwest U.)
  • Peng CHEN (Southwest U.)


  • Model driven software engineering with formal diagrammatic models (A.Rutle)
  • Software engineering with model transformations (D.Li)
  • Runtime Verification (V.Stolz)
  • Towards a Contract-Based Model of Software Architecture in CPS (Z.Liu)
  • Combining executable specifications with runtime verification for Lego robots (R.Nesbø/R.Wang/A.Rutle/V.Stolz)
  • Service Computing (Bo LIU)
  • Formal analysis of Service-level Agreements for Cloud services with ABS (Ka I Pun)
  • A Mini-Course on B-Method (Zongyan QIU)
  • Data mining – association analysis (Peng CHENG)
  • Modelling of fault-tolerant algorithms with Coloured Petri Nets (R.Wang)
  • Optimal Switching Controller Synthesis by Symbolic Computation: A Case Study (Hengjun ZHAO)

While there is no registration fee, participants are expected to cover expenses joint meals and the social event (optional).

For registration or further information, please contact before August 15th:

Volker Stolz

The Chinese partners will assist with visa invitations, travel arrangements on arrival and accommodation. Flights from Norway can be as low as 5.000 NOK; for example, Finnair has flights via Helsinki.