Most of the information you need as a phd student / emplyee at HVL you will find through the web-portal Vestibylen. Here you can find links to the salary system, room booking, calendars of your colleague, IT service, card service,  etc. Important note! You will be asked for credentials when logging into Vestibylen or any of the surrounding applications. Here you will always select Feide as your credential provider. This is more or less what you will be using for logging into everything regarding HVL.

Room booking

All booking of meeting rooms and parking spaces in the garage under the school is handled through the timeedit portal. The portal is at this time in Norwegian, but it’s relatively easy to navigate once you’re in. After logging in through the link with your Feide credentials, go to Reservasjon Møterom. The rest of it should be quite easy to figure out.

Travel and expenses refund

The refund system at HVL is a bit messy, and it’s all in norwegian(!). There is no other way around it then to learn it, but some usefull tips can be

  • When you first arrive at HVL you should get a project number for your specific PhD project. Keep this at a safe place, you’ll need it!
  • The first thing the portal will ask you for is what kind of refund do you want (domestic or international travel, expense refund).
  • A key person to talk to is Elin ( She is the one who will approve your expanse-form. As long as you have your project number sorted she is nice and help you.

People you should know about and that can help you

Kristin Fanebust, Faculty Director

As the Faculty Director, Kristin is quite busy, but she will point you in the correct direction if you ask her about something. You can find here office in E407

Pål Ellingsen, Master Program Coordinator 

Pål is also a good person to talk to for general information and know-how about how HVL works. He is also the one in charge of the infamous coffee machine.  You can find him in the office right next to Kristin, E408

Professor Håvard Helstrup, PhD Program Coordinator 

Håvard is the program coordinator for the PhDs and will help you with all formal PhD relevant questions. He’s office is located at the top of the E-block, E513

Angela Barriga & Frikk H Fossdal, Social committee

For day-to-day question about PhD life you can talk to the Social Committee. You will find both Angela & Frikk in the co-working space at the top of the E-block, room E506.

Social Meeting

The PhD Social comittee organizes weekly social meetings, where all of the PhD students gets together for an hour to socialize and discuss various aspects of the PhD life. You should be added to the relevant mailing list when arriving to HVL. If this is not the case, please send an email to either Angela ( or Frikk (

Sick leave

If you are sick and can’t work, please register those days. Even if it’s a short period like 2 days, at the end of your PhD you can get a contract extension with the total of days you were out of work. If you add all short periods during 3-4 years you might get a nice extension 🙂 To register these days just go to DFØ portal > Fravær.

HVL travel insurance & credit card

HVL only assures travel insurance within Scandinavia. If you travel to a country where you need insurance to cover your health expenses you will need to get one on your own, you will not be covered by HVL. This health insurance cannot be paid with your PhD funding. What you can do, is to order a credit card with travel insurance, like the one offered by HVL.  Description about the HVL credit card is available here and application form here. This credit card is a convenient way to pay for duty travel, it includes travel insurance, and no annual fee. You are NOT allowed to use this card for private expenses. You have to pay the credit card invoice yourself, and then make expense claims to HVL. If you are efficient making your travel claims (do it as soon as you come back from the trip), you may well get paid by HVL before you have to pay the credit card bill.