You will receive your salary around the 12th day of each month.


Each year, at the end of April you will have to do your Income Tax Return (this can be done online, you will get notified when it is available via sms and email ), here, during your first two years of working in Norway can ask for a 10% tax deduction. If you have paid during the year more taxes than you should, you will get that money back at the end of June.


You will get some extra money for holidays called “feriepenger”. It is usually perceived in June, although you can change the month you receive it if you want to. We are entitled to get 12% of the gross salary of each month as “feriepenger”, once a year. This is an extra, it does not substitute that month’s salary.


You have the right to 5 weeks holiday (25 days), however holiday days are calculated based on how many months you worked the previous year. So 25 days are paid holidays if you worked 12 months, otherwise you will get a proportional amount of days (which use to be most people situation on their first year).

You can check Norwegian public holidays here.