Summary of activities

The “Modern Refactoring” project is jointly funded by SIU/CAPES (2017/18 & 2019-2021).


The 24th Brazilian Symposium on Formal Methods (SBMF) will be held virtually November 2021!

Our article on Refactoring and Active Object Languages (Volker Stolz, Violet Ka I Pun, Rohit Gheyi) was published in LNCS Vol. 12477 in 2020.

The 23rd Brazilian Symposium on Formal Methods (SBMF) was held virtually 25.-27. November 2020. Together with Gustavo Carvalho, Volker Stolz chaired the conference.

At the iFM 2019 conference in Bergen we held the Refactoring workshop on 2. December 2019 with contributions from partners and guests.

Course material

Joint supervision

Research discussion with PhD students, external examiner for Master theses, participation in ETMF School.

Research meetings

  • Visits to UFCG: Nov’17, Nov’18, Jul’19, Nov’19
  • Various visits to HVL


Rohit Gheyi Volker Stolz
Melina Mongiovi Anya H. Bagge (UiB)
Márcio Ribeiro (UFAL) Jaarko Järvi (UiB)
Fernando Macías
Larissa Braz Anna M. Eilertsen (UiB)
Patrick Stünkel
Angela Barriga Rodriguez
Benjamin Chetioiu (UiB)
Violet Ka I Pun
Ole Jørgen Abusdal